Floral Graphic

I'm honored to have been asked to participate in Traditional Home Magazine's first ever Texas Showhouse benefiting the Alzheimer's Association.  My vision for this room was a little feminine...a little badass...a lot of who all of us are as women.

Photo credit:  Nathan Schroder

Go big or go home

Small space + Drama = Unforgettable.

Photo credit:  David Cobb

Showstopping Luxury

Who says the kitchen has to be the heart of the home?

Shabby Chic Meets Rock n' Roll

Named by Southern Living magazine as the best new hotel of 2015, Miranda Lambert's boutique Bed and Breakfast offers a unique blend of soft and edgy.  It's an experience not to be missed.  

Photo credit:  John Jernigan


A modern vibe for the next generation

This stately home in an established neighborhood has seen many families come and go.  It's large rooms were perfect for this family of five...and now with an updated layout this young family can put their own mark in a well lived home.

Photo credit: Tina Brannon

Playful Irreverance

The first ever Show House in Oklahoma City done exclusively by Interior Designers. Mohair drapes, a horse floor lamp, hand sconces, and a desk sign declaration all come to play in a dramatic dining room.  Why?  Because every room needs to have a little fun.

"do what you want", they said. so i did!"...

The ultimate hang out

Several seating areas let people mingle without feeling overcrowded.

Photo credit:  Tina Brannon

If this room could talk

An outdated room becomes the stuff of urban legend...or at least we think so.

A neutral palette sets the stage for easy living

Dark paneled wood was lightened up with a coat of white paint...and a neutral palette with a few pops of color was just what this couple wanted to bring easy, breezy California living to their home.

Photo credit:  Tulsa People Magazine

Traditional style gets a twist

What do you get when you mix existing traditional pieces with a few clean lines? ...a revamped family room that's as fun as the occupants.

Photo credit:  Shannon Ledford

A timeless high end custom home.

Classic furnishings and details let's this home be one for the ages.

Photo credit:  Shannon Ledford

A trendy Tulsa yarn store gets a signature look.

Coffee, yarn, and conversation...not necessarily in that order.  Loops is a modern retail store centered around a comfy atmosphere for yarnies to hang out, shop, and knit.

Photo credit:  John Amatucci